Welcome to the Dracula Shop


Entering the Dracula Shop transports the genre aficionado into the proverbial candy store. There is the hard-to-find Dracula movie from the Dracula movies shop portion. Popular vampire books reign supreme at the Dracula books shop niche. Music titles – especially some unforgettable soundtracks from Dracula movie cult classics – augment this collection of all things undead.

The Dracula movies shop is a veritable treasure trove for the connoisseur of the cult flick. It is here that the Elvira Dracula movie rubs virtual elbows with the collectors’ sets that feature five or more DVDs. Over at the essential Dracula books shop, vampire books span the fiction, non-fiction and even children’s book genres. This collection offers great gift-giving opportunities for the horror fan who prefers vampires in print rather than on screen. 

Do not forget to take the audio detour from the Dracula movies shop! Curiosity is rewarded with soundtracks, techno punk tunes, Halloween must-haves, movie and game recordings and even auditory horror treats that make the daily commute just a bit more hair-raising. Why surf the Internet and spend countless hours digging through little-known site archives, when all the goodies are neatly put together at the Dracula Shop?